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Leadership Speech


Dear new and old customers:

  Hello All the staff on behalf of the Shandong Luhe Group Co. Ltd., and in my own name, thank you for visiting our website in your busy time, and please give us valuable advice.

  We Luhe group is a production and operation of the tire, raw material supply, scientific research and production, high-tech development, international trade, sales and service in one of the national enterprise group. Group company headquarters is located in the hometown of Shandong Province, the zhucheng city of north, the north of the International Kite are Weifang, east of Qingdao, south of Rizhao port. The new railway Qinglai Expressway and glue separately from the company after less than half a kilometer (respectively after station). A very advantageous geographic location, convenient traffic.

  Group in front of the Lu River Water Park, the sparkling blue, with a clean, embodies the Luhe people treat social friends from all walks of life behind the profound friendship; Bashan (Zhucheng mountain), the earnest chishi, clank as strong will on behalf of the people to do a comprehensive work Luhe group company. We invite the Quartet Luhe group with excellence, create the cause of vital and lasting importance passion, look forward to your patronage, join! Sincerely wish the new and old customers, friends from all walks of life: health, everything goes well!

                                         ChuanDi Xu