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Sales is not to sell products, but to allow customers to gain value!


    At present, the company has established a marketing management upgrade to market and customer as the core of the system of marketing system, with the domestic sales service organization and professional foreign trade marketing team, group business school year transferred to the marketing system more than marketing talent, market network has covered the world, to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations with the domestic large automobile manufacturers and many around the dealers, more than 200 foreign investors, and for many years by the major auto maker named “ excellent supplier ” and we will continue to uphold the sharing and win-win together & ldquo; ” marketing concept of cooperation, to provide quality products and excellent service to our customers.



Six core strengths


LuHe--In 1972, Zhiyuzhishan, more attention


major--Technology research and development center, more professional


lead--Tire industry ranked 41 in the world, more leading


wear-resisting--New rubber formula, more wear-resistant


load bearing--The enhanced load-bearing matrix structure, bearing more