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"How to deal with anti-dumping investigation" renewed tire industry?

[global plastic net August 1, 2012]
    The United States "special security case" just in the past, Columbia anti-dumping investigations. A few days ago, Columbia on the Chinese tires start anti-dumping investigation. Industry insiders suggest that the domestic tire industry combined, the use of legal means to actively seek change, tire companies can go out to open up the international market, to respond to anti-dumping issues.
Positive response to the industry
    In June 22nd, Columbia trade, industry and tourism (hereinafter referred to as the "investigating authorities") announced that it will be imported from China's radial truck and bus tires launched anti-dumping investigations. This investigation of the applicant for the Columbia Goodyear and Michelin group's ICOLLNATAS company.
In the announcement, the investigating authorities use Goodyear Tires as the base of confirming the normal value, calculate the normal value of tire is $12.68 / kg, and the average export price of China products for $2.66 / kg, which charges Chinese tire dumping margin of 376.69%.
    In June 11th, China Rubber Industry Association and the chamber of Commerce for import and export Chinese Minmetals chemical jointly held a Columbia truck and bus tires (warning) responding to anti-dumping work conference, more than the domestic enterprises to participate in the meeting. According to the wishes of the enterprise, once the Columbia truck tires on our country's anti dumping official filing, the domestic enterprises will be organized to carry out the case of the case of industry injury defense.
"Although the Columbia market is not big, but, the anti-dumping investigation, involving enterprises or quite a lot of. Now, the industry associations are mainly to do the work of the joint venture, to do the whole industry without any damage to defense. There are also a number of enterprises in a separate response." CRIA public relations office staff told reporters China economic times.
The staff pointed out that the entire defense process will be divided into two steps, industry associations and enterprises to do. If no damage to the defense industry, tire export enterprises will not exist dumping problem; if not, a separate anti-dumping investigation to each enterprise, finally bear the corresponding tax rate.
Limited influence
    It is reported that the China rubber industry association to seek the views of the 32 companies, including 15 enterprises to actively participate, including Fengshen, S Jia Tong, HANKOOK, Kumho and other leading enterprises.
Once the anti-dumping investigation was set up, how much impact on the domestic enterprises will cause? A number of tire industry listing Corporation to our reporter said, do not worry about the".
S, the deputy general manager Zhang Cui told reporters, the main sponsor of Columbia is investigating Chinese bus truck tires, while the company's main products are car tires, tire types are not the same, so, for listing Corporation, has no effect.
Fengshen tire investor relations department stakeholders said, tire exports to Columbia is not large, but the main worry Columbia emulate effect of anti-dumping investigation will lead to other markets. At present, the company is actively preparing to deal with the anti-dumping investigation in Columbia.
    In fact, according to industry sources, Columbia's anti-dumping investigation, may be mainly for a tire enterprise in Shandong, because the company's exports to Columbia, particularly large.
Expert advice "go out"
For the tire industry, the anti-dumping investigation has been common. According to statistics, China's tire industry has now been more than a dozen countries of anti-dumping investigation and the United States, India's special investigation.
China Rubber Industry Association President Fan Rende believes that China's own brand tire export quota is low, the weak rubber product brand influence is caught in the plight of anti-dumping technical reasons.
He pointed out that Chinese enterprises should actively acquire foreign enterprises, patents and brands, the establishment of independent brand marketing network system, the nearest market or based on local markets to achieve direct export.
Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber related to the person in charge of overseas investment, the main purpose is to circumvent the anti-dumping, the company has formulated the strategy of "going out", "we set up foreign production factory is a principle, what products Chinese anti-dumping, the production of what varieties in the outside of the tire."
    It is reported that Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber outside the first company immediately approved, will be able to start the year.
In fact, in the Chinese and foreign trade friction tires, Michelin, Bridgestone, Kumho and other brands in China production enterprises not be affected. While these products in China are also restricted by the listed companies, but the Multi-National Corporation can adjust the origin of the export tire to respond to the origin of the tire. At the same time, the domestic tire enterprises in overseas factories also effectively circumvent the anti-dumping issues. It is understood that the domestic brand Linglong tyre has built a solid marketing network in more than 160 countries and regions, with annual sales of $20 million customers have 8.