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2015 third quarter China tire industry electricity suppliers analysis report

    Recently, the headquarters is located in Holland Amsterdam TIE Kinetix and the Michelin Group signed an agreement to help expand its distributors and retailers online project. This is another step in the online channel of Michelin in recent months, but also the reflection of the development trend of the electricity supplier.
2015 third quarter of the overall performance of the tire electricity suppliers online operations compared to the results of the first half of the year. According to China's tire business network electricity suppliers research center statistics show that the third quarter, the overall operating performance of the tire brand online sales in the middle and upper levels.
1, the most popular brand
    The third quarter of 2015, the world famous international tire brand leader "Michelin" to Dunlop, bypassing the obvious gap between the Bridgestone brand, firmly among the best-selling tire sales champion, a famous international tire brand "Dunlop" and "Bridgestone" followed, ranked two or three. It is worth attention is that once the rise of the domestic brand, Chaoyang tire sales for several consecutive months showed a downward trend, there is no improvement, the third quarter is still lagging behind.
2015 third quarter of the most popular tire brand ranking
Ali platform in the third quarter of 2015, the most popular tire brand ranking
2.1 lynx flagship store top ten list of top selling products
    According to statistics, this quarter tire big coffee "Michelin" brand "ENERGY XM2 Michelin Wyatt 205/55R16 91V tough tire" to approximate the 9000 sales topped, this quarter topped the best-selling single product "title, the other two big international tire" Dunlop SP T1 185/60R14 82H tire tire ", and" EP200 205/55R16 91V Bridgestone tire "ranked two or three in this quarter. The top three best-selling products on Taobao tire flowers famous international tire big third quarter, which shows the quality of the trust of consumers of international brands.
2.2 Jingdong best selling tire product list
    The third quarter of 2015, Jingdong electronic business platform tire sales charts is 205/55R16 PRIMACY 3ST Michelins hooyuet 91W, ranking second is 205/55R16 CC5 91V tires, Goodyear tire 205/55R16NCT591V ranked third. As an international brand in the tire market aspect for many years, Ma card, Mi Qilin, Goodyear and other international big always win the trust of consumers for its good quality. Domestic brands such as Chaoyang, etc., we must continue to strengthen investment in research and development and innovation, improve product quality, increase brand promotion efforts, in order to compete in the field of electricity suppliers and international brands.